It is a sad fact of life that some of us, through no fault of our own, can be injured as a result of the negligence or intentional acts of others. Those injuries may be minor. But, in many instances, they can be severe such as broken bones and other physical injuries that require significant medical treatment. In addition to the physical and mental pain and suffering caused, often expensive medical bills are incurred, income is lost and day to day lives are changed for the worse. The most catastrophic injuries can have a truly devastating impact on lives necessitating long term care and sometimes even leading to death. Fortunately, our legal system provides that innocent victims of negligence or intentional acts do not have to bear the burden of these injuries by themselves but can seek compensation for their injuries from the responsible party. But, holding the responsible party accountable isn’t always a simple matter and requires the assistance of highly qualified and experienced attorneys.

The lawyers of Moorman Pieschel have been handling personal injury and tort claims on behalf of injured individuals for almost 25 years. During that time, we have successfully handled numerous cases involving injuries ranging from fractured bones which require limited medical treatment any may only interfere with daily activities for a few weeks to catastrophic injuries requiring long term care to the death of a family member. And, the cases we have handled have involved injuries caused by everything from automobile collisions to a property owner’s failure to maintain his premises in a safe condition to medical malpractice. We have also successfully handled numerous injury cases that do not involve physical injuries. Rather, the injury was to a person’s business, property or reputation, often as a result of the intentional acts of another.

No matter how severe your injury is or how it was caused, we will treat your claim the same as the most significant injury claim in our office. That is because we understand that, while we may be handling many claims, this is your only claim. And, it is important to you. So, it is important to us. We will diligently gather all of the information that we need in order to thoroughly present your claim. We will communicate with you regularly to make sure that you understand any issues related to your claim or how it is proceeding. And, we will aggressively and persistently pursue your claim as far as the law allows or until a resolution that is acceptable to you is reached.

If you have been injured by someone else’s negligence or intentional conduct and would like to discuss your claim, please contact us today to arrange for a consultation and case assessment.

Representative Cases

$1,000,000 pre-suit settlement in automobile collision case on behalf of widow whose elderly husband was killed when their car was hit by a rental truck.

$750,000 settlement in medical malpractice case filed in Fulton County on behalf of widow whose husband suffered cardiac arrest during procedure in doctor’s office and died due to the lack of a defibrillator in the office. Settlement also included donation of defibrillators to community facilities.

$400,000 settlement in negligence case filed in Newton County on behalf of widower whose elderly wife was injured because she was not properly restrained in her wheelchair while being transported for non-emergency medical treatment and subsequently died of her injuries.